Task Force on Urban Conscientization (TFUC) 

Short History  

The Task Force on Urban Conscientization (TFUC) was created on July 22, 1974 as one of the AMRSP’s Mission Partners. It was mandated with the two-fold task of providing support services to the urban poor as well as facilitating the involvement of religious men and women and lay professional, in the needs, struggles and aspirations of the poor in the urban areas.

In 1976 the TFUC became popularly known as the Tatalon Board when it started a community organizing program in Tatalon Estate in Quezon City. By 1978 it expanded to other communities in Sampaloc, Manila, in Escopa, Quezon City and in Marikina. In 1982 the TFUC undertook studies on several industry lines such as drugs, chemicals, textiles and garments.

By 1985 it began organizing the semi-workers like small vendors and hawkers. Two years later the TFUC included the coastal fisherfolks along Manila Bay, jeepney drivers and small wage earners in its program.

At the beginning of 1994, it initiated a summing-up of its work from 1985 to 1993 focusing on its strategies, current orientation and organizational capability in order to enhance its institutional capability in order to enhance its institutional growth and relevance. From livelihood and workplace organizing, delivery of services was now directed towards community-based organizations.

At present, the target beneficiaries of the TFUC expanded to include many urban poor populations situated in various depressed communities in Metro Manila. Vision To build a free, just and prosperous society where there exists: • Stable and decent jobs and livelihood; • Provision for land, housing and social services; Participation of the grassroots in all levels of the decision-making process.


To provide support services to the urban poor towards their total development and empowerment.

To involve the religious and lay professionals in the struggles, aspirations and needs of the urban poor.


To generate public opinion favorable to the plight, struggles and hopes of the urban poor. To provide venues for the involvement of the religious and lay professionals towards the realization of the Church of the Poor as called for by the Second Plenary Council of the Philippines (PCP II).

To facilitate the creation of self-reliant organizations of the poor in their communities and places of work. To equip the urban poor with the skills and means to defend their rights and welfare. TFUC « AMRSP | Association of Major Religious Superiors of the Philippines 1 of 2 4/12/2013 4:08 AM Programs and Services Education and skills training Research and publication of the TFUSEE (Truth for YoU to SEE) advocacy newsletter Fora, media projection, exposure, visits and integration activities Legal assistance through paralegal education and documentation services Solidarity, moral, financial and material support; organizing volunteers and quick reaction teams