​Task Force for the Orientation of Church Personnel (TFOCP) 

What is TFOCP?

TFOCP The Task Force for the Orientation of Church Personnel (TFOCP) as a Mission Partner of the Association of Major Religious Superiors in the Philippines (AMRSP) serves religious formators of men and women congregations and assists congregational formation programs.

It is a support dynamic of AMRSP established to enable religious formation programs to develop in such a way as to be more comprehensive, more contextually and more systematically responsive to the evangelical demands of our times.

It began in 1984, as Formators’ Forum, a monthly inter-congregational activity which provided a venue for women and men formators of different levels to come together to share experiences. It was designed in such a way that opportunities for dialogue, personal sharing and interaction among formators were encourages, thus providing an atmosphere of support and direction. In 1985, initial steps were taken to develop an on-going formation program for formators. In 1986, a workshop seminar was held in which formation teams of congregations from all over the country participated and gained much mutual support and needed direction.

TFDP then provided moral and spiritual support to the political prisoners, assisted them in their material needs, documented their situation as well as worked for their just trial and speedy release. Prisoners, on various occasions, conducted hunger strikes to push for better jail conditions and immediate action for their release.

TFDP was almost always there to help. Relatives were eager to have sisters or nuns with them when visiting the detainees in the jails, since it seemed that some respect to the habit still prevailed in the military ranks. From 1987 until the present, the monthly Formators’ Forum has given way to cluster meetings of formators. Each cluster with its facilitator plans activities to meet the needs of the group members; the facilitator becomes a member of the TFOCP Board. Regular meetings of the TFOCP Board facilitate coordination and exchange among the cluster.